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Old Republic Home Warranty

Old Republic Home Warranty Reviews

Old Republic has been in business since 1974. Incorporated in California, the Old Republic home warranty program was first introduced in 1982.

Safeguarding Your Biggest Investment

This warranty would go on to become the standard amongst home warranty programs and is brought to homeowners by one of the most trusted names in the business.

An Old Republic home warranty provides superb protection for any homeowner so that you never have to worry about costly repairs for your home’s most vital systems.

If your HVAC system breaks or a pipe ruptures, these costs are normally covered within the scope of a warranty. This means that when the unexpected occurs, your biggest investment is safe.


Understanding Who is Covered

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The biggest concern that homeowners have is that they do not realize exactly who can obtain home warranties. Oftentimes, people will know that a warranty can be taken out by a seller of a home, but they do not realize that as an owner, it is possible to maintain a sufficient warranty as well.

There are a few options offered through Old Republic that aim to assist every homeowner with ensuring that they have the proper home warranty in place.


When you sell a home, a home warranty can be the icing on the cake. This means that after the sale takes place, the new owner has a bit of protection in place that allows them to not have to pay for any repairs that may be needed. For instance, if your septic system’s pipe breaks, this may be covered within the scope of the warranty.

As a seller, this added protection not only allows you to sell a home faster, but it provides you with a safety net. Sellers can be held liable for damages that occur to a home after the sale is made. Most of these claims will occur with faulty systems that the seller knew about previously.

In some jurisdictions, a seller is liable for these damages for up to a year after the sale. Old Republic offers a warranty that is tailored towards sellers. Now, buyers will be more inclined to place a bid on your home, and you never have to worry about liability protection.


Owners of an old or new home can secure an Old Republic home warranty so that they never have to worry about high-priced repairs after moving in. Home warranties will protect you against unexpected repairs that wind up costing thousands of dollars.

As a warranty holder, you are able to simply call Old Republic to request servicing and they take care of the rest. The fear of high cost repairs is eliminated when a home warranty is in place.

Benefits Offered

Old Republic’s benefits will depend on the plan that you choose as well as the state that you reside in. Many states have their own coverage, but there are some standard coverage options available. Please note that many of these coverage options may or may not exist in your area.

  • Appliance Coverage: Washers, dryers and refrigerators are all costly items to replace. These items will be covered under the standard tier of coverage.
  • Heating and Cooling Systems: Heat pumps and refrigerant lines as well as condensate drain lines are covered. Cooling systems can have coils, thermostats, drain lines and metering devices all covered within the scope of a repair.
  • Plumbing Systems: Many integral parts of a plumbing system are covered. These parts include pipe leaks, pumps, valves, pressure regulators, sump pumps, garbage disposals and dispensers. Faucets and fixtures are not covered.
  • Electrical: Wiring, breakers, outlets and fans are all covered under the warranty.
  • Garage Door: A garage door will have its assembly, sensors and motor covered under a home warranty.

The higher tiers of coverage are more costly, but they do have many of the coverage areas that are lacking in the standard tier. For instance, the Ultimate Protection form of coverage will include plumbing fixtures, toilet replacements and a dozen other repairs that are not available for the standard price.

Old Republic also offers many benefits as a company that are standard. These benefits include:

  • A continual warranty program that can be extended as often as a homeowner wishes.
  • Customer service lines available 24 hours a day.
  • An easy claim service.
  • Old republic will send out a service professional for you. This means that no calls have to be made as the company works with a network of highly trained professionals.

Free Quotes Available

Old Republic offers tiers of various prices. While the standard tier costs under $300 in some states, it can cost as high as $350 in others. Optional tiers can range up past the $550 range, but they add on additional coverage that safeguards a homeowner in the event that their home or appliances suffer damage.

A free quote is given right on the company’s website that will alert homeowners as to how much their respective cost will be. While there are PDFs with standard pricing available, it is best to fill out their quote form online or call their customer service hotline. By following these procedures, you will receive an accurate quote tailored to your exact needs and home size.

The quote given is instant so that you never have to worry about waiting for a reply.

Common Questions

Old Republic has many questions that are commonly asked by potential clients. The answers to these questions will ensure that you have all of the pertinent information you need to make an informed decision on your home warranty needs. The most common questions asked are:

  • Do you legally need a home warranty? No. This is not a legal requirement.
  • What do I do when I need service? Simply call the free 1-800 number or contact the company to make a claim. This can even be done right through the company’s website.
  • Who does the repairs? As a leading home warranty company, Old Republic maintains a network of respected contractors that are in your area. These professionals will be dispatched to your home to make repairs.

Having a home warranty will save you money in the event a pipe bursts or your heater breaks. With many of your home’s most vital systems covered, you can rest easy at night knowing that if the worst happens, your repair costs are under warranty.

Old Republic Home Warranty Reviews

Old republic reviews

The general idea of a home warranty is to give owners a comprehensive protection safeguard against costly future repairs. With Old Republic Home Protection Plans , you can choose from a range of different plans in order to give them the best possible protection. From major appliances, in addition to major utility systems within the home.

A Brief History Of Old Republic Home Protection Plans

Old Republic was originally first known as Dependable Home Warranty. This was when the company was established within California in 1974. Later the company grew to become the Old Republic International. During this time in 1982, the subsidiary company Dependable Home Warranty was born. Then the rest became history for the growth of the old republic home warranty.

In 1992, the company underwent a complete restructuring within the management arena, therefore causing a significant increase within customer service. In addition, the old republic warranty additionally experienced an increase within profits and market share. Presently, they are the third largest company for home warranties nationwide.

At the start of 1995, ORHP started expanding outside of California and now services a number of different states. The company continues to add on more states at this time. As the company continues with their growth, they continue working on towards building their legacy of giving people the best possible customer service.

What They Offer

Each of the ORHP plans depend on the specific state that a person lives within. In general, they work to give people a product that they are going to want to keep for their lifetime. Ultimately, they strive to give people the type of customer service that will make people want to come back and remain loyal.
They do this by making sure to give all of their customers the best customer service every day. Additionally, they offer service for their plans 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. The standard ORHP plan comes equipped with coverage on a number of different things.

Some of the different things that their standard Old Republic Home Protection coverage entails are things such as people’s heating, electrical systems, in addition to plumbing. As for appliances, this includes things such as their dishwasher, trash compactor, as well as garbage disposal. Additionally, the coverage is for things that are built in within the home as well such as central vacuum systems and bathtubs.

In addition, the ORHP plan has the option for additional coverage as well.

Some of the things that this would include would be such things as swimming pools, roof, spa, as well as numerous other things. The best thing for a person to do is check their state specific coverage in order to find out the kind of coverage they are going to get.

In general, all states vary according to the type of coverage offered. Therefore, this is something you are always going to want to check before buying any type of coverage.

Every homeowner has a plethora of things to consider when they are buying, or selling a home. Besides the major financial investment and paperwork involved, they have major considerations after they move into the home. This can be overwhelming, and a downright shock for new homeowners who have previously spent their adult lives renting their homes. The advantage of renting is that everything was taken care of, especially if they were renting an apartment. They never had to worry about the major systems of their residence. Anytime there were plumbing issues, or was a problem with the electric, the maintenance man of the property took care of things. If the stove or dishwasher stopped working, they called the front office and put in an order for repairs.

When a homeowner decides to make the step of becoming owners, it’s a step filled with pride, excitement, and again, with many details. However, it’s also a step filled with a huge amount of responsibility. In short, the homeowner is responsible for everything. They are responsible for all the repairs. They have to make sure that the major systems of the house, such as the plumbing, electric, heating, air, and ventilation is working in good condition. The homeowner is responsible if the stove or dishwasher breaks down. If any of the essential systems of the home or appliances break down, not only can these breakdowns cause major damage and headache, but they can be quite expensive to fix. Especially when a homeowner has just purchased their home, the last thing they can afford, is to start spending money on essential repairs. Yet, if they don’t make these repairs, their quality of life will suffer. Depending on what has broken down in their home, the home can become uninhabitable.

This is why it’s of the upmost importance for a homeowner to have a home warranty plan in place that will protect them from the unavoidable breakdowns in their home.

Life isn’t perfect, and neither are the homes that provide for us.

As we mentioned above, they have been in business since 1974. In the over 35 years of its existence, Old Republic Home Warranty has grown and evolved
with the needs of its policyholders. It has developed into the type of home warranty plan that covers all of the bases, so to speak. For example, the Old Republic Home Warranty will cover not only repairs to the essential home systems like plumbing, electric, and HVAC, but the warranty will also cover the cost of appliance repairs.

The ORHP plan works hand in hand with any required home insurance policies. It will cover any cost that the homeowner’s insurance plan doesn’t. Again, when one has just purchased a home, and especially as they are adjusting to their mortgage, every penny counts.

ORHP will ensure that the homeowner isn’t spending needless money that could be spent other family needs.

Old Republic Home Protection plans also work to cover the homeowner that is selling the home as well.

If something breaks down, then the seller can quickly get those repairs taken care of, and not lose money on their sale, or lose a possible buyer of their home.

A homeowner can hope for the best, but must always be prepared for the worst. When the worst takes place, ORHP policies are a great investment for peace of mind, and savings for the family.

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