American Home Warranty Limited Coverage Plans For Home Inspectors

American Home Warranty helps homeowners protect their investment by offering valuable limited warranties to home buyers.

Unlike other home warranty companies, they target home inspectors.

A large percentage of today’s home buyers are looking for more than just a professional home inspection. They also want the inspector to include a home warranty with their services as well. American Home Warranty offers a few different warranties to help meet the specific needs of their clients.

Limited Home Warranty Program Options From American Home Warranty

Limited Home Warranty Program

American Home Warranty offers both a 90 day and 120 day limited warranty for full-home inspections.

The warranty is effective from the date of the home inspection. Claims must be made within this period. The following items are covered under the limited warranty program:

  • Plumbing
    • Drain lines (sewer lines not covered)
    • Water lines
    • Water heaters
    • Faucets
    • Gas Lines (in the house)
    • Built-in Appliances
      • Cooktop and oven
      • Range
      • Dishwasher
      • Microwave
      • Garbage disposal
      • Trash compactor
      • Electrical
        • Wiring
        • Main service panel
        • Climate Control
          • Central heating and air conditioning units
          • Foundation – Only block and poured concrete foundations are covered
          • Roofing – Roof covering limited to the leaking area only
          • Framework
            • Structural framing
            • Floor joists
            • Walls
              • Interior wall framing
              • Exterior and load baring walls
              • Garage Doors
                • Attached garage doors only

Any appliances, climate control systems or hot water heaters that are more than 11 years old are not covered under the warranty. Damage caused by Acts of God, catastrophic weather and natural disasters are also not covered. If one of the covered items breaks because you failed to perform proper maintenance, your warranty will not cover the cost of repair or replacement.

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Mechanical coverage, aside from climate control coverage, is limited to $500. Climate control coverage is limited to $1,000. The total extent of your mechanical claims cannot exceed $1,000. Structural component coverage is limited to $2,000.

With a 90-day limited warranty, coverage is extended to an additional 30 days if the home’s closing takes place after the warranty period expires.

There are no deductibles, claim fees or service fees associated with American Home Warranty Company’s limited warranty programs. Whenever a homeowner makes a claim, they have the option of choosing their own repair company or technician. This is beneficial for the homeowner as it allows them to shop around and compare the services/rates of local companies rather than only having the option of using their warranty company’s network of professionals.

Traditional Warranty Program

American Home Warranty’s traditional warranty program is an excellent choice for inspectors who do not wish to take advantage of the e-Warranty program. There are several benefits to choosing this program, including:

  • The traditional warranty program is an affordable solution and makes a great addition to your home inspection services.
    • Pre-purchase warranties in amounts of $300 or more and pay only $16 for each warranty.
    • Each single warranty is just $19.00 each.
    • This “gap” coverage is unique in the fact that coverage starts from the time of inspection. This means that the warranty complements other warranties offered by real estate professionals rather than competing with them.
    • Traditional warranties offer value to your clients. They can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that their structural and mechanical components are covered.
    • For home inspectors, including a limited home warranty is a great closer.

e-Warranty Program

American Home Warranty’s e-Warranty Program is similar to the Traditional Program, but it includes many additional features that benefit homeowners. As part of the program, homeowners will receive:

  • An American Home Warranty 90 day limited warranty that covers both mechanical and structural issues.
  • Optional free information, tips and tools to help homeowners save money during and after the move to their new home.
  • Optional free offers and discounts from reputable companies to help make their move as stress-free and smooth as possible.

Each e-Warranty is just $11.95.

With an e-Warranty program, the home buyer’s participation is completely optional. They always have the option of opting out of the company’s information anytime they wish. American Home Warranty does not sell their information to third parties either, so your clients can rest assured that their personal data is safe and secure. This program is a great way for inspectors to offer additional benefits to their clients along with their professional services.

Joining the American Home Warranty Association

In order to start offering warranties to customers, inspectors must first join the American Home Warranty Association. This association is free to join. All you have to do is fill out a simple form with some basic personal information. Prospective members also have the option of calling the company or sending them an email for further information or to ask any questions they may have.

Once you become a member of the association, you can start offering your customers warranties along with your professional services. Warranties can be purchased individually, or you can pre-purchase them for a discounted rate. Purchasing warranties is simple and easy. The company offers a secure PayPal shopping cart option that can be accessed through the member’s panel on the website.

American Home Warranty encourages inspectors to submit weekly or bi-weekly reports on warranty data and payment. The company must receive all warranty data, inspection data and payment before the homeowner can make a claim. Failing to submit this data in a timely manner will prevent the homeowner from making a valid claim and the company will not be able to provide them with appropriate coverage as a result.

American Home Warranty’s limited warranty programs are not only beneficial to inspectors, but to homeowners as well. Purchasing a home is a major investment and buyers want to ensure that their investment is protected.

With a limited warranty from American Home Warranty Company, home buyers can protect their home’s structural and mechanical components while they are still in the closing process. This complements the home warranties offered by real estate professionals and provides buyers with valuable “gap” coverage to truly protect their investment throughout all stages of the home buying process.